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Brain journey of human thinking, where are you traveling to?

I deeply believe you can heal your life through healing your thinking. Expect a miracle if you do not believe it is possible. Every day, every moment is for you, the whole world helps you to develop your friendly thinking independent of external events and situation you are in. This chapter is not the last chapter of your life, better ones are on way to you which will make your life begin to be harmonious and very happy. Send away everything what was unpleasant and not good and clear it from your mind. Slowly your own thoughts will be becoming kinder and friendlier. This book is for you and its purpose is to encourage you to write your interesting story, uplifting those who are now waiting to hear it from you, just from you, not from me. It is certain that there already are many people you have blessed in your life being a blessing to them. Focusing on it will bring more goodness into your life, it all begins with a though which is that invisible force which rules the world. Everything we see around in this world which was created by a human always begins with a thought, thoughts rule the world, belief creates facts. Believing in tragedy leads to a tragedy, believing in goodness leads to goodness. Everyone of us has times of depression or doubt, then we need support, understanding, silence and focusing on gratitude, counting everything what is good in our life beginning with air and oxygen we breath. Our breath is the most important miracle of each moment in each of us, without it we would not be here after a few minutes. There are so many of us who cannot move freely, luxury for them would be simply to stand on their own feet, get a cup of water using their hand or feed themselves but being paralysed they cannot do that. So many of these peoples’ attitude teaches us how to be grateful to God for gifts such as our eyesight, legs, hands, ability to move freely within our homes, town, country or world. It is good to stop and think what do we really need more of, if we need something more than we already have. Happy people are those who have enough rather than not enough. Western world wastes so much food that it could feed every hungry person in the whole world. So many people do not have running water, how about you?

Nevertheless, we see so often smiling, happy people in the “poor” countries, those people are pleased with every moment of their time, every breath, who is poor then? Them or us? Are you happy?

Often, we are speeded up by this “commercial clock” pushing us in the direction of accumulating material objects, chasing after promotion, building bigger and bigger houses while at the same time we lose touch with ourselves, one’s own soul, silence and the ability to enjoy life without any special, outstanding reason. We are chasing life which is to become better, when we get a promotion, when we buy a bigger house, when we pass an exam, when we pay off our mortgage etc. What is the most important in your life? What are your thoughts focusing on? What makes you joyful? Do you love your life, your thoughts and yourself? Any worries and troubles about current issues today will not matter at all in five years in our ocean of awareness. I wish you that your persistent faith in achieving your deepest dreams is helping you every day to breath happily.

Why me?

We often ask ourselves in so called hopeless situations; why me, why is it happening to me? Always, you always have a choice to direct your attention on these aspects of your life you can be grateful for, I will help you now, thank you that I can breath, that I can see, I can walk, digest and can read and write, I have water, peace where I live, thank you that I have voice and can speak and thank you for the food and on and on…I am also grateful for this situation I am in, I accept what has happened to me and I know that it is the first step to accept of whatever life throughs at us. When you are reading these words now, know that when I was writing them I had not at all been in a wonderful situation myself at all, rather opposite, that is why I understand you. Everyone of us is on their own path and each journey is rich in experiences and this is the greatest treasure of each and everyone of us, we are ourselves they key to our own inner peace. Our reactions to what is happening to us is something we want to be in charge of, being able to be in charge of them is so worthy skill which you cannot buy anywhere despite how rich you might be. The triumph of life is something that is happening in your mind, the will to live, the ability to forgive yourself and others is a priceless gift of free will of choice which you can gift to yourself NOW! Yes, now, because we live now, not yesterday and not tomorrow, however our thoughts often are not focused on the present moment but they travel somewhere producing different pictures to our minds, various situations that happened in the past but they are still alive in us now. A wonderful skill to have is the ability to focus on the present moment.

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  1. Nice blog. Really really helpful to those who are having hard time aligning their posts! More power to your blog. I will check out for more. That’s for sure 😁

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