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Three legs

What do we really, really need in our lives?

If you have two legs, you don’t need a third one? If you have one, you want to have the other one to have two, as everyone has two legs around us. If everyone around us had only one leg, would you want two?

If everyone around us had three legs, would you want the third one?

What do we really, really need in our lives?

Who do you love in your life?

Get our diary, write down everyone you love in your life 🙂

Accredited Diploma In Internet Marketing

Study our in-depth and comprehensive Qualification In Internet Marketing With Our CPD Accredited 3 Day Diploma Course

During this 3-day accredited diploma course, we will teach you how to take a business idea from concept to creation and get it online. How to create a website that Google and other search engines will love, how to get mountains of website traffic and how to convert that traffic into buyers of your goods or services. 

The course will teach you 100s of strategies for growing your business fast. The Internet Business School has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to market their businesses more effectively and our students have literally created £millions online over the last 5 years. 

Protect your ROI with FREE updated information

Unlike some other courses, you only need to purchase this course once. However you choose to study, we give you access to watch the course videos whenever you need in our Member’s Area section. This means you can drop by and watch any section you need 24 hrs a day, and follow the training step-by-step whilst you put it in to action.

Best of all, in the fast-changing world of Internet Marketing where new strategies and possibilities appear all the time, Simon ensures the course is kept as up-to-date as possible. We film the course a minimum of 3 times a year meaning that whenever you log in, you will see the very latest version of our course. Just think that our students who sat the course back in 2009 can still 2019 training! Imagine what the Internet Marketing landscape will be in 2029?

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About Your Instructor

Simon Coulson is one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers.

If you’re already in or been around the Internet marketing business you may have heard of Simon or might even have been to one of his previous events. Simon has generated over £25M from internet businesses in the UK.

After mentoring some friends to start their own successful internet businesses, the first of which has now generated £5 million itself, Simon decided to roll out a coaching program to a wider audience and launched the Internet Business School in 2007 ( before AirBnB, Uber, WhatsApp and Instagram were around).

This organisation has trained over 1,000′s of entrepreneurs and created many successful online businesses. The Internet Business School has been accredited by The CPD Standards Office. Simon is also an established public speaker on Digital Marketing. He has spoken worldwide to audiences of up to 7,000 and shared the stage with world-renowned experts including Former USA President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, James Caan, Caprice, Mike Harris, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Bill Glazer, Bob Proctor.

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Our times

Well, regardless of anyone’s opinion the times which we live in now are extremely unique, would you agree? The experience the mankind is going through now has not been seen before, it is a bit of a ” world war” sort of thing, and there are still some of us around who did experience a World War.

Depending on each particular situation one has been effected in one way or another and as with any mass crisis or conflict those who are in any way most vulnerable among us have been hit most again.

Let’s watch out for each other!

Have you ever been on Coca Cola website?

Do you need to? 🙂

Every company in the world does everything to rank high in google while nobody searches for Coca Cola, yet they would not be bothered if internet existed being the brand that everyone knows regardless if they drink it or not.

Well done Dr Pemberton!

Bourne to write, creative writing workshops by Roddy Phillips

You let yourself in to the wonderful world of adventures journeys discovering your talents within yourself picturing in front of you which you have never known you have got them.

That is the beauty of Roddy’s workshops where in the uplifting atmosphere of kindness you grow in admiration of watching your own discovering talent and others:)

Treat yourself to the luxury of the ocean of abundantly flowing happiness of wonderful time.

Now subscriptions taken worldwide, no longer geographically restricted.

Do you smoke?

Well, if you do depending how old or how young you are, you can make a decision to add a fairly good amount of money into your retirement pot.

If you stop smoking today and you save about $10 per day not spending the money on cigarettes then in a month you have $300, in a year about $3650, in ten years it will be about $36,500 and in the lifelong career time of 40 years you will have $146,000 to enjoy when you retire or you can burn it in your lungs and get cancer!